Rutilus rutilus

Vobla (Rutilus caspicus), also termed the Caspian roach, is a species of cyprinid fish inhabiting the Caspian Sea and inflowing rivers. It is closely related to the common roach (Rutilus rutilus) and often considered its subspecies, Rutilus rutilus caspicus.

Salt-dried vobla is a common Russian meal or snack that goes well with beer. It is popular in many Russian households and beer restaurants.

The vobla has a typical size of 30-35 cm (max. published 45 cm) and a weight of 800 g (max. published 2000 g).

Salt-dried vobla is generally eaten without sauces or side dishes. Many people like to eat their Vobla with a glass of beer, which lessens the salty taste of the fish.

Vobla could be considered a raw fish, but, in fact, it is neither raw nor cooked, but rather salt-cured. It is soaked in brine for some days and then is thoroughly air-dried for another two, which in the end acts as a form of chemical cooking. Local people prefer the vobla as pan-fried.