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Guide to fish species

Fish is a great source of protein. In recent years, cod-liver oil has gained more popularity. The reason is the amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty omega-3 acids protect from cardiovascular disease. They play an important role in nerve and brain tissues strengthening, helpful to retina and should be involved in pregnant women diet. Latestresearchesshow, that fatty omega-3 acids exert positive impact on chronic inflammatory diseases, pancreatic diabetesand some types of cancer.

Fish and seafood are very rich in aneurin, especially vitamin B12. Fatty fish is the only considerablenatural source of aneurin. It also contains liposolubleretinoland tocopherol. Seafood is well-balanced source of some minerals. They arent very rich in sodium, but full of potassium, which is helpful to hypertensive. Moreover, seafood is rich in selenium, iodine and fluorine.