The history of company

Company’s mission

Company’s mission is to provide population of the Republic of Belarus with high-quality fish products on available prices. Utility business unitary company “Belryba” was founded on December 28, 1957. It has been working on Belarusian market for more than 54 years. Company successfully develops, saves skilled personnel and supplies belorussia’s table with various sea gifts.

From 2001 to 2010 company “Belryba” had been subordinated to Business’sadministration of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

“Belryba” is one of the biggest manufacturer of smoked fish, fish delicacies and preserves. It is also an importer of frozen fish and seafood in the Republic of Belarus. Among our clients on the inner market of the Republic of Belarus are over 2600 wholesale outlay and retail companies, public catering establishments, processors, sole traders. “Belryba” exercises foreign commerce in the Russian Federation.

Distribution network “Belryba” is represented by specialty chain in Minsk,shops in Grodno, Gomel, Mogilev, Brest, Baranovichi, Bobruisk, Barysaw, Vitebsk, Zhlobin, Zhodzina, Lida, Mazyr, Maladzyechna, Pinsk, Polotsk, Slutsk, Salihorsk, Kalinkavi?i. Wholesale and retail trades are realized all over the country.

Company has its own motor transport – trucks, equipped with refrigerators. That allows fast delivery of our products to the customer. Company’s vehicle fleet comes to 44 trucks. Assortment of released products develops permanently: there are cold smoking and hot smoking fish, salt fish, dried fish, preserves of herring, salmon fishes, mackerel, laminaria salads, jellied fish, various delicacies – more than 400 items in all.

Since April 2007 HazardAnalysisandCriticalControlPoints (HACCP) international system has been adopted. This system is directed at:

  • prevention of diseases, caused by low-grade products consumption.;
  • creating confidence in released products safety by prevention or decreasing the risk ofhealth hazard;
  • Stability of released products and food inputs quality is guaranteed by streamlining and coordination of manufacture, transportation, storage and sale risk management.
  • Systems approach to manufacturing inspection, which includes supervision of all product safety characteristics from raw material intake to the consumption.


Company has a number of trademarks: “Dynasty”, “Le fillet” – delicate fish in DARFRESH packing, “Vesely Flint” - herring fillet in vacuum packing; “Fitness lunch”, “Japanese tradition” – various laminaria salads. In 2011 our product portfolio had been increased by trademark “Rybzavod”, which produces smoked fish. Special formulation development is available because of preservation of ancient traditions in fish preparing and modern technologies both.

Our lab strictly controls quality of imported raw material and integrated products. We use high quality auxiliary materials, various modern packing. To satisfy the requirements of time, we permanently improve our packing and label – making it more handy and attractive for our customers. For our products recognizability a corporate identity was designed by Belorussian union of Designers.

In 2006 a modern vacuum packaging line had been putted into operation. That allowed “Dynasty” product line producing. DARFRESH- is a film, specially developed by the Cryovac company. It has highdegree of shrinkage, and covers product closely. Film has great barrier characteristics, which provide high safety result, self-aeration, dehydration and oxidation prevention. As a result, delicacies stay fresh for more than 60 days.

Since its appearing, company has set itself difficult and ambitious tasks: favouring the development of Belarussian fish industry and leadership achievement. Correct aims finally bore fruit: company is a leader of the branch of fish industry; it is a safe partner with high quality rating, stock, tempered business process. The main ingredients for our success are: import and distribution top ranking, cooperation with world leaders in fishing, exclusive agreements with largest distributors of seafood, broadest distribution network, etc. Desires for making belarussian market wealthy, available and various are appreciated in our partners!

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